The Porter Garden Telescope Reborn

The Porter Telescope Reborn

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The Birdbath Sundial

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It is a powerful telescope for stargazing or simply admiring the view. It is a beautiful and unusual bronze sculpture, a work of art for your garden, terrace or roof deck, that also works as a sundial. It is in the Smithsonian, and now you can own one, too.

This elegant garden telescope was created in the early 1920s by Russell Porter, designer of the Palomar Mountain Observatory 200 inch Hale Telescope. Only a few of these antique reflecting telescopes have survived. Today, Telescopes of Vermont is lavishly and faithfully recreating The Porter Garden Telescope in hand-finished cast bronze, with improved 21st century optics.

Click "play" to see a video featuring the Porter Garden Telescope and the dedicated crafstmen who have reintroduced this design masterpiece.  The piece, an excerpt from CBS Sunday Morning's tribute to Galileo and the 400th anniversary of the telescope, originally aired May 10, 2009.  (Video courtesy of CBS)

Whether you are creating your own garden design or working with an architect, residential landscape architect, or interior designer, you can grace any outdoor space with this unique permanent installation.

With the authorization of the Springfield Telescope Makers, founded by Porter, we are offering our garden telescope in a numbered, limited edition to discriminating buyers who are seeking a truly distinctive landscape design centerpiece.

Sir Patrick Moore of the BBC's popular "The Sky at Night" has nicknamed our garden telescope "Capella", for one of the brightest stars in the sky. Now it can be one of your most prized possessions -- like a shooting star that landed in your garden.

To see how a garden telescope might look in your setting, and for more details click here.

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